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New addition to Saarinen’s Vivian Beaumont
Theater in the news

February 3, 2010

In case you missed it, an article about the addition atop Eero Saarinen’s seemingly afloat theater was published in The New York Times on February 3. In her article, “New Theater: Lincoln Center Raises the Roof,” Robin Pogrebin details the progress of a new black box theater to be perched on the roof of the Beaumont Theater with a terrace overlooking Lincoln Center. The project’s architect, Hugh Hardy, collaborated with Saarinen on the original design of the theater in the early 1960s. Last spring, DOCOMOMO NY/Tri-State commented on an earlier design, raising concerns not with the rooftop volume, but with the unsubtle elevator housing that would be grafted to the theater’s south side. That view was hidden in the renderings shown in the Times, but the design is unchanged. Lincoln Center is not a NYC landmark. The Landmark Preservation Commission “approval” mentioned in the article was perfunctory, courtesy only, and without a hearing or invited comment from the various organizations interested in preserving the architectural core of the Center. Construction is scheduled to begin in March.

The new black box theater that will be perched atop the Vivian Beaumont.
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