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News March 2010

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The American Institute of Architects recently launched an online database containing information on national-level AIA members up to 1978. By entering an architect’s name or firm name, one can view biographical details, links to other directories and archives, names of non-member architects... MORE

A presentation on Chorley Elementary School on March 11 as part of the “Modernism at Risk” events made clear that the Middletown, NY school board, with support of the NY State Historic Preservation Office, is pushing forward with plans to demolish Chorley School rather than build its new school and keep the Chorley structure for reuse now or in the near future.... MORE

John W. Chorley Elementary School
© Andrei Harwell

On March 2, four representatives of the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) were allowed into the former office of Minoru Yamasaki in Troy to salvage as much archival material as they could in the hours before the shredding company arrived. Thanks to the concerted effort made by the SHPO, the Society of Architectural Historians, the Michigan History Foundation... MORE

Representative from the Archives of Michigan collecting Yamasaki materials
Courtesy of Michigan SHPO

Energized by the 2007 demolition of Paul Rudolph's Micheels House in Westport, CT, and recalling the earlier destruction of John Johansen's Labyrinth House there, two defenders of our Modern heritage undertook a survey of remaining Modern houses in Westport and neighboring Weston.... MORE

Williams-Levant House, Barry Byrne, 1934
© Michael Glynn