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The Marcel Breuer Digital Archive is a technically topnotch visual database of documents that anyone interested in the ever more influential furniture designer and architect will want to explore. Syracuse University Library led the collaborative project to digitize 30,000 drawings, photographs, letters, manuscripts and office records covering the architect’s career through 1955. And that’s only the first phase. ... MORE

Marcel Breuer Digital Archive homepage image

In his Dialogue column in the June issue of Architect magazine, Editor-in-Chief Ned Cramer takes up the hot topic of our Brutalist heritage. Observing that the pendulum of popular taste is not swinging in Brutalism’s favor—at least not yet—Cramer asks “could a building—or a whole style—be so reprehensible, so repulsive, that it can never gain a fair place in the hearts and minds of men?” Are they just not old enough? Or is it the béton brut? With so many Brutalist buildings at risk right now these are points very much worth pondering. ... MORE

Morris A. Mechanic Theater, John Johansen, 1967, Baltimore. photo: K. Randall

A notable example of Modernism is becoming widely recognized only now that it is to be altered beyond recognition. Completed in 1951, the Transportation Building at 370 Jay Street was one of the city's earliest office buildings of thoroughly Modern design. A substantial volume, 13 stories high and a city block long, it calls little attention to itself. Its upper stories have an uninterrupted pattern of glazed areas flush with stone cladding—clearly a curtain wall, rather than windows inserted into a masonry wall. ... MORE

370 Jay Street, Brooklyn, William Haugaard & Andrew Thomas, 1951. photo: forum