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August 23, 2013

We stopped presenting our “Modern Houses Seeking New Owners” section mostly due to space and time constraints, but that doesn’t mean there are not wonderful Modern houses in a range of prices out there for anyone in the market. A local independent site for compiled listings of Modern houses in the Tri-State area is

It’s a Tumblr site run by the anonymous “Trimoca team,” which upon a little sleuthing includes a couple who were so frustrated in their search for a mid-century Modern house that the NY Times wrote about the experience in 2006. was launched in 2010 and is not connected with any real estate entity. The team invites homeowners and brokers to submit houses for sale in the Tri-State region free of charge—their motivation being “to celebrate and preserve modern architecture in the Tri-State area” by marrying modern and contemporary homeowners with buyers who appreciate the same.

“Modern architecture” is definitely loosely defined and the site is not overly curated, which makes for a fun mix—well-known masterpieces from big names along with the occasional house triggering a “what was the architect thinking?” reaction. Postings are not removed when a house sells (Tumblr is by definition a blog, thus redaction is frowned upon). This provides historical context for what has been on the market, but also the occasional frustration of a “page not found” message.

Listings currently run the gamut from a 1950s house in Old Tappan, NY, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s first female apprentice; a house in Armonk, NY, with Fallingwater notes by David Henken, another FLW apprentice; a cute little 1955 number in New Rochelle, NY, with a classic pink bathroom; plus Kahn’s Esherick House (1961, Philadelphia) and Eisenman’s House VI (1975, Cornwall, CT). The site will only get better as more postings arrive, so if you’re a homeowner or agent, be sure to include in your sales kit.

A pink bathroom in Westchester