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Committed to the principle that Modern Movement design merits the same attention to preservation currently received by earlier periods of architecture, DOCOMOMO US invites submissions for the first annual “Modernism in America Awards.” The Awards celebrate the documentation, preservation and use of modern buildings, structures and landscapes built in the United States or on U.S. territory. The Awards recognize those building owners, design teams, advocacy and preservation organizations that have made significant efforts to retain, restore and advocate for the aesthetic and cultural value of such places.... MORE

Every other year DOCOMOMO International convenes a conference to bring together DOCOMOMO members and friends from its 59 national working groups. The next conference, in August 2014, is being hosted by DOCOMOMO Korea, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Abstracts are being accepted through November 28. ... MORE

DOCOMOMO US and Houston Mod are pleased to announce the second annual DOCOMOMO US National Symposium. Save the dates for what will be a lively and surprising context for the examination of Modernism's legacy and consideration of its future—in Houston and Texas. ... MORE

Sylvan Beach Pavilion, La Forte, TX, Greacen & Brogniez, 1956