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In the December issue of Metropolis, Fred Bernstein looks at Modern architecture's preservation predicament in light of economic changes. And Carlos Harrison, writing for Preservation, the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, explores a potential silver lining of the loss of a Chicago landmark.... MORE

Prentice Women's Hospital, Bertrand Goldberg, 1975, Chicago. Photo courtesy Bonnie McDonald

This month's issue of Metropolis magazine has a telling photo collection by Rob Dobi. ... MORE

Bell Laboratories, Eero Saarinen, 1962, Holmdel, NJ. As captured by photographer Rob Dobi in October 2013.

Trimoca Modern Living NY/NJ/CT is an online gallery of Modern houses for sale in the tri-state area. Learn more about it and see our picks for January.... MORE

With little fanfare, the Orange County legislature agreed to a $67 million renovation plan that includes keeping two sections of Paul Rudolph’s 1967 Government Center in Goshen, NY, and replacing another.... MORE

The Center in September 2013