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Debate continues over Orange County Government Center

January 11, 2015

The hubbub surrounding a recent proposal to transform the Paul Rudolph-designed Government Center in Goshen, NY, into an arts center has been somewhat quelled. On January 8, County Executive Steve Neuhaus vetoed a law that would empower the County to sell the center, which was damaged by flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011 and currently sits empty.

Multiple studies have been conducted and plans proposed addressing the future of this 1974 complex, ranging from complete restoration to wholesale demolition. All have been heatedly debated. This latest veto action relates to New York architect Gene Kaufman’s proposal to purchase the property for $5 million and turn it into a community arts center, which attracted considerable media attention when it was announced in early December. Neuhaus contends that selling it would harm the local business economy that is sustained by the Government Center remaining at its current location. Instead, he thinks the County should continue with its previously approved plan to return the center to its government function, which involves renovation and partial demolition. There is a small possibility that his veto will be overridden by legislators who support the art center proposal. And so the debate continues.

Neuhaus vetoes government center sale,” The Chronicle: Jan 9, 2015

The Center in September 2013