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In addition to the NYC Landmarks Law and the New York World’s Fair, this year marks the 50th anniversary of another major initiative in New York state—the building of the Empire State Plaza in Albany. Fifty years ago this June, the cornerstone was laid for what would become a monumentally-scaled ensemble of government and culture buildings, the design of which borrowed heavily from Brasilia, Versailles and Chandigarh. ... MORE

Empire State Plaza with a view of the EGG, named for its unique shape and used for performances and concerts. Photo: Matt Bisanz, Wikimedia Commons.

The disappointing trend for Paul Rudolph buildings continues. Partial demolition of his Shoreline Apartments in Buffalo began in May. The loss comes after a concerted years-long effort by local residents and preservation organizations (DOCOMOMO US, ICOMOS, World Monuments Fund) to get official protection for the complex. ... MORE

In a recent article in the New York Times, local reporter David Dunlap shines the spotlight on a lesser-known building by William Lescaze. The building is slated for demolition to make way for a new hotel. DOCOMOMO NY/Tri-State featured the building in its inaugural issue of mod in the “Lost/Found” section... MORE

Brotherhood in Action building as it appeared in 2014, William Lescaze, New York.

The DOCOMOMO US National Symposium 2015, held during the first week of June, introduced an enthusiastic audience of nearly 200 to the Modern heritage of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The panel sessions focused on a range of topics, from Living In Modernism to Social Media and Advocacy to Concrete and Schokbeton.... MORE

A new resource has launched for all things architecture-related in New York City. Inspired by sister site the London Architecture Diary, which has been in operation since 2005, the New York Architecture Diary is supported by a consortium of leading design organizations, museums and schools. ... MORE