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Two of three Frank Lloyd Wright Homes in New Jersey on the market

October 22, 2016

Incredibly, two of New Jersey’s three remaining Frank Lloyd Wright homes have come on the market at the same time. The last NJ Wright house to trade hands, in 2015, was relocated to Arkansas. The prospects are brighter for the two Usonian-style houses currently up for grabs, the Stuart Richardson House in Glen Ridge and the James Christie House in Bernardsville. The Richardson House is a meticulously restored three-bedroom, two-bath home with a unique hexagonal plan. It is listed on the State and National Registers as part of the Glen Ridge Historic District and is also a local landmark. The Christie House was completed in 1940, making it the oldest Wright house in the state. The home features both original furniture as well as some replicas, which can be included in the sale.

Two of only three Frank Lloyd Wright homes in N.J. now on market,”, September 27, 2016.

Top: James Christie House (1940), bottom: Stuart Richardson House (1951)