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Unique NJ shore house sold – fate uncertain

January 17, 2017

The future is uncertain for a unique beachfront home designed by Philadelphia-based architect Joel Levinson. Levinson has been loosely associated with the Philadelphia School of architects, which includes Louis Kahn, Robert Venturi, and Mitchell/Giurgola. His early works have been featured on home tours and in exhibitions of Modernist architecture of the region. His 1968-69 Shiekman residence in Margate, NJ, features a “spatrium,” a term coined by the architect for an outdoor room enclosed on three sides. The house is essentially a cube structure comprising interior living spaces and the ocean-framing spatrium. Resiliency was a major factor in its design.

Today, Levinson is more worried more about economic forces bearing down on his work. It is rumored that the house’s new owners plan to demolish it, though no formal actions have been taken yet. Tear-downs are not uncommon at the Jersey Shore, where real estate is at a premium. The house has no legal protections. 

A Beachfront House Like You’ve Never Seen Before. Will It Be Demolished?Press of Atlantic City, December 27, 2016.

Shiekman Beach House, Margate, NJ, Joel Levinson, 1968-69. Photos courtesy