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William Krisel, a pioneer of mass-market Modern residential architecture, died early this June, having left behind a legacy of tens of thousands of structures, primarily throughout the American West. He remained professionally active and publicly engaged until the end, having told NPR just last year, “[I've] achieved what I set out to do: create housing for the masses that they could afford and that would change their way of living and make life more enjoyable.” In Palm Springs and elsewhere, Krisel’s tract housing defined the look of California post-war suburbia in the late 1950s and early to mid 1960s. His most iconic design elements include variations on the v-shaped “butterfly roof” and the use of open floor plans, clerestory windows, breezeways, and glass walls. ... MORE

Every other year DOCOMOMO International convenes a conference to bring together DOCOMOMO members and friends from its 72 national Working Parties. The next conference, in August 2018, is being hosted by DOCOMOMO Slovenia, and will take place at the Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana. ... MORE

The timing is serendipitous for the completion of the Darwin Martin House restoration, concluding just days before its architect’s 150th birthday. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the home for Buffalo businessman Darwin D. Martin from 1903 to 1905. It is the most significant example of Wright’s Prairie Houses in the Eastern United States. The home fell into disrepair in later decades, and three of the original five buildings on the site were demolished. In 1992, the Martin House Restoration Corporation was formed, and in 1997 restoration and reconstruction efforts began. Twenty-five years and $50 million later, the project is largely complete. ... MORE

Another Modern restoration has recently been completed, this one in Wilton, CT. The home, which can be switched on to slowly rotate 360 degrees, was the personal residence of its architect, Richard T. Foster, until his death in 2002. Built 1966-1968, Foster called it “Circambulent House,” but it was commonly known as the Round House. He was inspired by its setting, which he said reminded him of an amphitheater. In 2010, new owners undertook restoration work, led by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects. Landscape designer Darrel Morrison was commissioned to restore the four-acre grounds.... MORE