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Outlook is bleak for Paul Rudolph’s Shoreline Apartments

February 20, 2018

After tabling a vote on demolition of Paul Rudolph’s Brutalist-style Shoreline Apartments in Buffalo, NY last September, the Buffalo Preservation Board voted unanimously in October to allow demolition with the condition that “exterior walls salvaged from the Shoreline Apartments be placed at both sides of the intersection of Niagara and Georgia Streets as prominently-sited gateway elements, and that a similar sculptural element be placed at the terminus of the Georgia Street extension.” On January 12, John Schmidt was the last tenant to leave after being escorted out by police. Schmidt and Terrence Robinson, a member of the Preservation Board, filed an Article 78 petition, asking a State Supreme Court judge to annul the city’s Planning Board’s approval of the redevelopment plan and to set aside the Preservation Board’s approval to demolish the apartments, claiming local, state and federal regulations were ignored. The judge dismissed the challenge, but Robinson says there are plans to appeal.

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Photo credit: Sharon Cantillon for The Buffalo News