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Lustron House in Closter, NJ reopened to the public

January 18, 2019

The Harold Hess Lustron House—a prefabricated 1,000-sq-foot house clad in maize yellow enameled steel panels—opened to the public last month, four years after it was saved from the wrecking ball. Hess purchased one of the last of the 2,498 homes manufactured by the Lustron Corporation before the company went out of business in 1950, ending production of these “homes for tomorrow.” The Friends of the Lustron House and the Closter Historical Society hosted tours of the two-bedroom, one-story house to a steady stream of visitors from the neighborhood and beyond.

Closter’s Hess Lustron House opens a door to a retro past,”, December 9, 2018.

Harold Hess Lustron House, Closter, NJ. Photo courtesy Anne-Marie Caruso/