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Indulge in the Recipes Inspired by Buckminster Fuller

September 7, 2020

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of R. Buckminster Fuller’s birth, which occurred in July, cook your way through recipes inspired by the design master. Synergetic Stew: Explorations in Dymaxion Dining is newly reprinted. The book’s original release in 1982 was on Fuller’s 86th birthday as a surprise gift from friends, one of which was Isamu Noguchi. Among these 100 recipes are Fuller’s own recipe for tomato ice cream, ‘Geodesicandy’, an ‘Allspace-Filling Whole Wheat Bread,” ‘a macrobiotic Diet,’ all by musician John Cage, among other favorites.

Purchase the book on the publisher’s website here.

“Indulge in the recipes of artist Buckminster Fuller,” Wallpaper Magazine, July, 28, 2020.

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