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Events September 2011


An Architect's Vision: Paul Rudolph and Colgate's Creative Arts Center

September 18, 2011
through October 7, 2011

When the Creative Arts Center was designed for Colgate University in 1963-64, it was conceived as a two-phase project. Dana, as it is known today, represents only Phase I of that project. Its architect, Paul Rudolph, was Dean of the School of Architecture at Yale and one of the preeminent Modern architects of the era. Phase II of the Center was very much on Rudolph's mind as he designed the structure, but it was never executed. As a result Colgate’s campus is home to an extraordinary–if controversial–building, many of whose peculiarities may be best appreciated when we understand the full, two-phase project of which it was to be the initial part. Currently on display in the Picker Art Gallery are drawings, prints and models that illuminate the initial, comprehensive stages of Dana's development.

Through Friday October 7

Picker Art Gallery, Dana Arts Center

Colgate University

Hamilton, NY

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Northwest perspective of the Creative Arts Center by Paul Rudolph
Courtesy of Colgate University


Week of September 18th