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Events June 2010

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NYU presents its plan for new tower at Silver Towers

June 21, 2010

In May New York University (NYU) announced plans to build a 40-story tower on the superblock site known as University Plaza/Silver Towers in Greenwich Village. The apartment complex, design by I.M. Pei in the early 1960s, was designated a NYC landmark in 2008. Community Board 2 is holding a public forum and discussion that will begin with NYU representatives presenting the proposed tower.

NYU’s plan requires Landmark Preservation Commission approval, a process scheduled to begin this fall. Other zoning approvals are needed as well, but the university must first seek LPC approval before initiating these processes. Approving a 40-story tower on open space within a landmarked complex would be unprecedented, however the momentum behind the university’s “NYU 2031” Expansion Plan is also without recent precedent. This is the first meeting and there will be more—public meetings and hearings—come fall. It’s not too soon to show NYU, the Commission and elected officials that we value our Modern architecture and the integrity of landmarked sites. If you are interested in the future of Pei’s pinwheel towers and their superblock please attend to learn the details of the proposed addition and express your concern for the future of this site.

Monday June 21, 6:30 pm

Community Board 2 - Special Forum

75 Morton Street (at Greenwich Street)

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is already taking steps to engage the local community and the wider architectural community in the discussion of this proposed development. It has prepared an excellent animated model, based on information NYU provided, showing how the tower and the “zipper loft” building, proposed adjacent to the Silver Towers complex, would look if built.

University Plaza/Silver Towers
photo: K. Randall


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