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Events November 2018


Paul Rudolph: The Personal Laboratory

November 23, 2018
through December 15, 2018

The second of two exhibitions organized by the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation is Paul Rudolph: The Personal Laboratory, which has been extended through December 15.  The exhibition explores how Rudolph’s residences – designed by himself, for himself – served as his laboratories for the psychologically compelling spaces that he developed throughout his career. Using an ever-expanding palette of experimental and lustrous materials, Rudolph designed homes that were courageously dramatic in their forms, organization, and spaces. These visually rich explorations reached their most adventurous frontiers in two New York City projects where he was both architect and client: the Modulightor Building and his multi-level home-office, the “Quadruplex” on Beekman Place. The exhibition is staged in the Modulightor Building, giving visitors a chance to experience the space.

Through December 15
Modulightor Building
246 East 58th Street
$10 Suggested donation



Week of November 18th