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Events October 2018


Art Within Art: The Everson at 50

October 13, 2018
through January 20, 2019

Art Within Art: The Everson at 50 commemorates the anniversary of I.M. Pei’s (1917– ) Everson Museum of Art. The exhibition and associated programming explore Pei’s radical notion that the structure of a museum is as important as the art it contains, a belief that directly impacts curatorial choices in both art and programs. Including never before seen plans, photographs, and models alongside selected artworks from the Everson’s collection, the exhibition examines the aesthetic and conceptual similarities between Pei’s building and the art it houses, revealing the lasting impact of great architecture.

Exhibition through January 20 with programs ongoing through 2019
Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY

Calculated Risk: I.M. Pei’s Everson Museum of Art,” mōd Issue 1, 2014.

Photo courtesy Everson Museum of Art


Week of October 7th