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Events October 2020

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Richard Lippold & Orpheus and Apollo

October 15, 2020

In 2014, Lincoln Center “temporarily” de-installed artist Richard Lippold’s Orpheus and Apollo a site-specific para-architectural construction that hung from the lobby ceiling of the new New York Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center. In 2019, Lincoln Center announced plans to make extensive changes to the hall. The upcoming renovations will not include the reintroduction of the Lippold installation. Deeply concerned, LANDMARK WEST! applied to the Preservation League of New York State’s Seven to Save program, and this site was chosen as a 2020-2021 site.

This lecture will feature a mix of those who knew artist Richard Lippold, those who have studied his work at large, and those who believe in the deep symbiosis that exists between artists and architects of site-specific installations. Join LANDMARK WEST! to learn more about the artist, Richard Lippold, his work and its legacy for the future.

Thursday October 15, 6:00–7:30pm
This is a virtual event. Advanced registration is required.


Orpheus and Apollo hanging in Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center. Photo courtesy of LANDMARK WEST!


Week of October 11th