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“What We Learned” is making news

January 1, 2010

The dual exhibition “What We Learned: The Yale Las Vegas Studio” and “The Work of Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates” currently on view at the Yale School of Architecture Gallery has been getting substantial hype. The New York Times devoted two articles to the show. Nicolai Ouroussoff wrote in his December 23 review of the show how the exhibition “is a must-see for those who want to recapture momentarily the euphoric sense of discovery that came out of those early trips, as well as get a refresher course on their conclusions, which still have things to teach us.” Following the review, Fred Bernstein, writing in the N.Y./Region section, stated, “It’s a rare architecture exhibition that can be described as ‘fun for the whole family.’ But the current offering at the Yale School of Architecture’s gallery deserves the plaudit.” “What We Learned” was also featured in the November edition of Metropolis magazine.

Combining two independently organized exhibitions that feature the teaching, research, and design work of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, “What We Learned” offers an exhaustive reflection on the duo’s theoretical and design oeuvre. The first, “The Yale Las Vegas Studio,” is a traveling exhibition of over 100 color photographs, several slide projections, and original materials from the 1968 studio at Yale, which resulted in the seminal 1972 book, Learning From Las Vegas. The second, “What We Learned,” focuses on Venturi and Scott Brown’s critical contributions towards the making and understanding of the late-20th-century and present day urban landscape organized around five themes: Context, Mannerism, Communication, Automobile City and Urban Research.

“What We Learned” closes February 5, so plan your visit soon.

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