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‘Modern Library’ Spring Update

June 27, 2010

Books published in the Spring 2010 season further expanded our view of the architecture of the Modern Movement. From Mexico, the Caribbean, and Chile to Sweden, India, and Iran, they take readers on a thoughtful and far-reaching journey around the world. Traditional disciplinary considerations of regional and cultural difference hold place alongside hot-button issues of globalization and sustainability. This travel in space is complimented by travel in time, as the decade-long focus on Mid-century Modern gives way to more serious scrutiny of the 1960s. Last year’s critical re-evaluation of the seminal roles of the Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, and women in the Modern Movement continues, augmented by new and substantial investigations of the broad intellectual context of modern architectural production and of the disciplinary divides that characterize the current academic study of Modernism generally. If not a copious offering, this season’s publishing efforts add texture and substance to the Modern Bookshelf. See all the spring titles in the PDF.

&#151Nancy Eklund Later

Modern Library Spring 2010 Book List (PDF)