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11th International DOCOMOMO Conference is happening this summer

June 27, 2010

Every two years DOCOMOMO International convenes a conference drawing participants from all 54 national working groups. The 11th DOCOMOMO International Conference will be held in Mexico City in August. With the conference theme “Living in the Urban Modernity,” academics and professionals, students and others interested in the Modern Movement will explore how the rapid growth of urban areas from cities to metropolis in the 20th Century affected the discourse on Modern architecture. Using Mexico City as a case study, the week-long conference has been organized into five major themes—modern living, civic & social infrastructure, the modern city, technology for a modern habitat, and the university city—for which the impact of modernism on urban growth, and vice versa, will be analyzed.

Prior to the conference a six-day workshop/studio will be held to address design and development problems in Colonia Cuauhtémox, a section of Mexico City established in the 1930s and home to several important Modern Movement buildings. As is customary for DOCOMOMO International Conferences, three days of tours follow the main conference. This year’s offerings include over 15 sites designed by some of the most significant architects and artists of Mexico’s Modern Movement: Luis Barragán, Enrique de la Mora, Félix Candela, Juan O’Gorman, Diego Rivera, Mario Pani and others.

August 19-24 – Workshops/Studio
August 24-27 – Conference
August 28-30 – Tours

National University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City
Conference website:

National University (UNAM), Mexico City, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
top: Dean’s Office Building, architects: Mario Pani, Enrique del Moral, Salvador Ortega; murals David Alfaro Siqueiros.
lower: School of Medicine, architects: Roberto Álvarez Espinoza, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Ramón Torres y Héctor Velázquez; murals Francisco Eppens. Cosmic Rays Pavilion, architects: Jorge González Reyna and Félix Candela

Deans Office Building, National University (UNAM), Mexico City .
School of Medicine and Cosmic Rays Pavilion, National University (UNAM)