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he Bachman-Wilson house in Millstone, NJ, one of only three Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses in the state, is endangered—and for sale. With increasing development and resultant storm runoff upstream, and restricted water flow downstream, the Millstone River, beside which the house is sited, has been flooding with increasing frequency and at higher levels.... MORE

Bachman-Wilson House, Frank Lloyd Wright, Millstone, NJ, 1954. Image courtesy Tarantino Studio

It's big. It's concrete. It's notably different from the other buildings in Goshen, NY. It's designed by Paul Rudolph. Should they knock it down or bring it back?... MORE

The Getty Conservation Institute has always cast a wide net when defining the cultural heritage it seeks to preserve, with Modern architecture very much a part of the mix. Last month the Institute took specific aim at the recent past with the launch of the Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI), a comprehensive, long-term, and international program of the Institute.... MORE

Malin Residence, \"Chemosphere,\" Los Angeles, 1960. John Lautner, architect. Photo by Julius Shulman. Courtesy: Julius Shulman photography archive, The Getty Research Institute

The Atlantic magazine’s Cities blog featured a post last month by Allison Arieff highlighting an ambitious, ongoing project to photograph Paul Rudolph-designed buildings. In 2007, photographer Chris Mottalini was asked by the Paul Rudolph Foundation to photograph the Micheels House in Westport, CT before its eminent demolition.... MORE

Micheels House, Paul Rudolph

Session topics for next year's SAH Conference have been set and no fewer than four sessions delve into the intricacies of Modern Movement architecture and architectural theory. Extremely abbreviated descriptions of these sessions appear on the next page (click MORE below). Visit the SAH Call for Papers website for the full descriptions, names of sessions chairs and instructions for submitting a paper abstract.

... MORE