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Rudolph Buildings get some photographic due

April 19, 2012

The Atlantic magazine’s Cities blog featured a post last month by Allison Arieff highlighting an ambitious, ongoing project to photograph Paul Rudolph-designed buildings. In 2007, photographer Chris Mottalini was asked by the Paul Rudolph Foundation to photograph the Micheels House in Westport, CT before its eminent demolition. Mottalini was so moved by this house that he began a quest to photograph others. So far he has shot about 30 Rudolph buildings, including others that, like the Micheels House, are no longer with us. His project, “After You Left, They Took it Apart (Demolished Paul Rudolph Homes)” has enduring value as historical documentation, but Mottalini hopes it communicates even more—“a testament to the power of architecture.” To learn more about the project and peruse a selection of Mottalini’s images, check out the March 27 post on The Atlantic Cities site.

Micheels House, Paul Rudolph