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Orange County Government Center: Saved?

February 23, 2013

In what has been described by some as “strangely anti-climatic,” the Orange County Legislature voted 15-6 in favor of renovating Paul Rudolph’s 1967 Government Center, putting an end to a heated three-year debate about the building’s future—or not. The early February vote approves a $10 million bond for renovations, which comes with $2.7 million in funding from FEMA if used within a certain timeframe. It was this looming deadline that ultimately pushed the vote. However, local officials contend that plans for renovating the Government Center are not yet set in stone, with some suggesting election year jitters as an influencing, but unsustainable factor. The door has been left open for the next county executive, who is to be elected this November, to approve a modified version of the renovation plan, such as preserving the court section of the existing building and replacing the remainder with new construction. With that, the saga continues.

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