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Architect David Romero recreates lost Wright buildings through 3-D technology and photographs

March 25, 2017

In a project he calls “Hooked on the Past,” Spanish architect David Romero is using 3-D design technology to recreate lost and never-built designs of one of his architectural heroes, Frank Lloyd Wright. The results are incredibly convincing 3-D photographic renderings of the exterior and interior of chosen buildings.

Among others, he has produced images of the Larkin Administration Building in Buffalo (demolished in 1950), the Rose and Gertrude Pauson House in Phoenix (destroyed by a fire in 1943, just one year after completion), and the unbuilt Trinity Chapel. He plans to expand his project to include works by other mid-20th century greats, like Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Alvar Aalto. Given the time commitment, he hopes more resources will be dedicated to this area of research and documentation to inspire others to join this effort. His renderings can be viewed on his website

One Architect Is Revolutionizing How We Preserve Iconic Architecture,” Architectural Digest, March 2, 2017. 

Renderings of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings by David Romero. Top: Larkin Administration Building, Buffalo, NY (demolished 1950); Middle: Rose and Gertrude Pauson house, Phoenix, AZ, (destroyed by a fire in 1943); Bottom: Trinity Chapel (unbuilt)