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Architects and devotees of Modern design worldwide are saddened at the death on August 15 of Gunnar Birkerts. He was not only an outstanding, highly innovative architect, but a person of exceptional intellectual depth and human understanding. While many of his most prominent works are located beyond the New York/Tri-State region (Minneapolis and Duluth, MN; Houston, TX; Ann Arbor, MI; Columbus, IN; Kansas City, MO; Riga, Latvia), Birkerts designed five notable buildings in our area:... MORE

If you are curious to know what has changed inside the old Four Seasons restaurant space but would like to be spared a pricey dinner tab, this Architectural Record slideshow is for you. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but suffice it to say the changes are not “tweaks” in our opinion. Evidently the Landmarks Preservation Commission is not too pleased either. The tenant, Major Food Group Company, and their interior design team will appear before them at a public hearing on Tuesday September 19 to legalize the installation of a reception desk at the ground-floor lobby and alterations at the Pool Room Mezzanine, which were done without permits.... MORE

The Pool Room of the Four Seasons, now adorned with a Calder instead of trees. Photo © Scott Frances