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Albright-Knox Gallery re-examining expansion plans

January 19, 2018

On November 9, the Board of Directors of the Albright-Knox Gallery approved a proposal presented by the chair of the museum’s Development Committee, recommending the re-examination of its expansion options, including those that do not call for the radical alteration of the 1961 Gordon Bunshaft-designed wing. The reconsideration is an acknowledgment of the criticism the museum has received since the gallery’s architect, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), released conceptual renderings in summer 2017 showing a floating volume inserted between Bunshaft’s auditorium and the original 1903 Beaux Arts building, eradicating Bunshaft’s courtyard and galleries. Following the swift public outcry, the gallery announced in September that it would be working with Buffalo-based group Preservation Studios and New York City-based PBDW Architects to “review and adjust this initial concept, to make progress toward the first iteration of an architectural design.”

In a November 10 press release, the gallery stated it “continues to believe that the initial concept provides an excellent operating solution for the future Buffalo Albright-Knox-Gundlach Art Museum. Based on feedback received on the initial concept, as well as the museum’s ongoing endeavor to define an optimal solution, the museum and its development team will re-examine an expansion option on the north and northwest side of the campus connected to the 1905 Building to determine whether this could meet the museum’s needs, while also minimizing impacts on the Albright-Knox’s historic buildings.”

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Bunshaft's courtyard in 1962, courtesy The Buffalo News