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Caldwell Motor Bank, one of NJ’s 10-most endangered historic sites of 2017, is demolished

June 27, 2018

A 1963 space-agey drive-through bank in Caldwell, NJ, was demolished in May, after unsuccessful local efforts to save it. As we reported last year, the Caldwell Motor Bank was listed on Preservation New Jersey’s 10-Most Endangered Historic Places list of 2017. The local Historic Preservation Commission had reached out to both the borough government and the current owner to try to come up with possible new uses for the site, which was built to function specifically as a drive-up or walk-up teller. Moving the building was considered, however Caldwell Mayor Ann Dassing cited the cost of $200,000 and lack of a new site as reasons why it was not feasible. Although the current owner, Keith Cimera, voiced the opinion that this type of architecture did not “fit the landscape of the town,” many residents are quoted as remembering it fondly. Sadly, Caldwell Motor Bank was demolished May 14.

Wrecking crew claims Caldwell Motor Bank,” The Progress, May 22, 2018.

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Top: before demolition, photo courtesy Preservation New Jersey; Bottom: photo by Irene Brandle