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Newark Airport update: Regional Plan Association proposes demolition of midcentury terminals

July 29, 2018

This past April we reported that Newark Airport’s Terminal A would be demolished to make way for new facilities, and noted that “a similar demise for the remaining two terminals cannot be far off.” As predicted, in June the Regional Plan Association, an urban research and advocacy organization, released a $20 billion proposal that calls for systematically demolishing the oldest terminals one-at-a-time and replacing them with three “mid-field concourse” terminals over the next 40 years. The proposal is part of a larger regional plan for the tri-state area. As mentioned in our previous coverage, Newark Airport is not listed in the New Jersey or National Registers of Historic Places and a review by the NJ Historic Preservation Office of the plan to replace Terminal A determined there would be no adverse effect on historic resources. This latest proposal again further underscores the need to identify and protect significant examples of midcentury transportation design and planning.

“How do you improve Newark Airport? Tear it all down and start over, plan proposes,”, June 11, 2018. 

Regional Plan Association Press Release 

Fourth Regional Plan Airport Proposal

Newark International Airport, Terminal A, 1973. Top two photos: Meredith Bzdak. Bottom photo: Michele Racioppi