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WMF/Knoll Modernism Prize winner announced

November 23, 2018

Christiane Schmuckle-Mollard has been awarded the WMF/Knoll Modernism Prize for her strategic approach towards the restoration of the Karl Marx School in Villejuif, France. The school, designed and built by French architect André Lurçat (1894-1970) in 1933, has remained in use by various schools over the years. In the mid-1990s the need to restore the building became evident. It was designated a historic monument in France, which brought with it funds to make needed repairs. In an interview with the World Monuments Fund, Schmuckle-Mollard explains the positive impact the restoration has had on students and why preservation of Modern architecture matters: “Modern architecture is the first architecture that was really conceived for post-industrial modern men and women…we are not different from the men and women of that time, but our architecture has lost many qualities that theirs had. We need to preserve the best examples for the future.”

“In Conversation with Christiane Schmuckle-Mollard: Winner of 2018 WMF/Knoll Modernism Prize,”, November 6, 2018.