Events November 2021

1946, M.Arch, Elizabeth Mackay Ranney, Stephens House, Urbana, Illinois, (c. 1950s). Photo: Courtesy

Room(s): Yale School of Architecture Graduate Women Alums 1942–

November 29, 2021
Through December 10, 2021

Room(s): Yale School of Architecture Graduate Women Alums 1942– celebrates the complex history of the Yale School of Architecture’s alums. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with two events: the 50th anniversary of undergraduate coeducation at Yale College beginning in 1969 and the 150th anniversary of the first women students at the university in the School of Fine Arts, 1869. In 1916 Yale University established the Department of Architecture in the School of Fine Arts. Nearly thirty years later, following a drop in enrollment coinciding with World War II, the department, under the leadership of Everett Meeks, admitted women for the first time, in 1942.

Beginning with Elizabeth Betsey Mackay Ranney (B.Arch. ‘46), the first known woman to graduate from the Yale School of Architecture’s professional program, the exhibition highlights the work of more than five hundred alumnae over the school’s almost eighty-year history of coeducation. Curated by Jessica Varner, Ph.D. (M.Arch. ’08, M.E.D. ’14), assisted by Mary Carole Overholt (M.E.D. ’21), and Limy Fabiana Rocha (M.Arch. ’20), the collection recognizes the significant but often overlooked accomplishments of alums and includes materials from institutional archives, as well as personal records, conversations, emails, and work acquired from graduates in an open call.

Through Friday December 10
Yale School of Architecture
New Haven, CT