News September 2021

Rolex Headquarters Building, Photo: Michael Young, NY YIMBY.
Rolex Headquarters Building, Eggers Partnership, 1974. Photo: John Arbuckle
Proposed 665 Fifth Avenue, rendering, David Chipperfield Architects. Photo: Courtesy

Rolex files permits for demolition at 665 Fifth Avenue

September 2, 2021

There is a new trend in midtown––higher headquarters. JPMorgan Chase is underway with construction of its replacement headquarters which required demolition of the Union Carbide Building (SOM, 1961) to build taller. Now Rolex Realty Company LLC has hired David Chipperfield Architects to design a 25-story building for Rolex’s company headquarters, replacing its current building at 665 Fifth Avenue. The 1912 building went through a wholesale transformation in 1975 (Eggers Partnership) when it was developed into the modern 12-story building standing today. No demolition start date has been set.

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